Indian Railway Vs Australian Railway Comparison | Full Comparison 2024

Indian Railway Vs Australian Railway Comparison

Indian Railway Vs Australian Railway Comparison: In this article, we have compared the Indian Railway with the Australian Railway based on the first train, fastest train, ticket cost, cleanliness, luxury trains, punctuality, etc.

1) The first train between India and Australia

The first train in India starts in 1853 and ran between Mumbai bori Bandar to Thane. In opposite, the first train in Australia starts in 1856.

2) Fastest Train

Currently, Gatiman Express is India’s fastest train and is capable to reach speeds up to 200 km/h but its operational speed is limited to 160 km/h because of poor railway track capacity. The fastest train in Australia is called the electric tilt train. This train holds the record of 210 km/h speed in May 1999 but now its speed has been limited to 160 km/h because of the same reason.. poor capacity of tracks just like in India.

3) The Cleanliness

Australia’s train system is much better than India’s. Australian railway stations and trains are clean and well-maintained. while in India, the situation was very poor, but in the last 1 -2 years there are lots of improvements in the cleanliness of railway stations in India.

4) Train Accidents

Both the countries are on the same panel. Till now many railway accidents happened in Australia in which many people died. but India has more train accidents number as compared to Australia and thousands of people died in India because of railway accidents. The reason for railway accidents in both countries is the same, poor and old railway track system.

5) Punctuality

India counted in the world’s least punctual train list because even in normal weather many times trains ran approximately 1 -2 hrs late and in bad whether trains got delayed for 1 or 2 days also. Australian train is more punctual as compared to Indian trains. In Australia 80- 90% of trains arrived on time.

6) Luxury Trains

India has 5 luxury trains, in which “Maharaja Express” is India’s most luxurious train and this train is also counted as the world’s best luxury train. Australia has 2 luxury trains: Indian Pacific and The Ghan, these trains have world-class facilities available.

7) Metro Trains

Currently, 11 major cities of India have a metro train system and in 6 other major cities metro rail projects are under process. In 1984 metro train started India. In Australia, no metro railway system is available currently. but till 2019, the first stage of the Sydney metro system is going to get complete. and also the second stage of this train will get completed by 2024.

8) Longest Rail track network

Australia has a 32,784-kilometer rail track network and from that only, 8% railway network is electrified. where India is at 4th position in the world for the largest railway track system. India has 1,15,000 kilometer longest rail network.

As per 2016 India’s railway report, 38% railway network was electrified but this report is not officially documented. Also, the Indian government already declared that by 2021 100% railway network will get electrified, and every day approximately 30,000 km of railway tracks are getting electrified. so if we see all these facts then we can say India has now more than 50% electrified rail system.

More than 36,000 employees work in Australian railways, wherein India compared to Australia 38% more employees working in the railway system. In India, every year more than 8 billion people traveled by train and this is the world’s highest number.

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