Mumbai VS Banglore City Comparison

In this article, we have compared India's two famous & largest cities India Bangalore with Mumbai. For this comparison, we have used more than 10 factors such as GDP, Area, Population, transportation system, Billionaires, Climate,  Airports, HDI, Literacy rate etc. 

Mumbai VS Banglore City Comparison
Mumbai VS Banglore City Comparison
  Mumbai Bangalore
Country India India
GDP $368 billion  $110 Billion

Megacity: 603 km² 

Metrocity: 4355 km² 

Megacity: 709 km² 

Metrocity: 8005 km² 

Population  2.8 Crore 1.23 Crore

65.99% Hindu

20.65% Muslims

4.85% Buddhist

4.15% Jain

3.27% Christians

& Others

78.87%  Hindu,

13.90% Muslims,

5.61% Christians,

0.97% Jains,

0.65% Sikhs, Buddhist

and other Religions

Room Rent Rs.40-50,000 Rs. 49000
Airports  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru
Literacy rate  94 % 87.67%
Famous Tourist Spots

Gateway of India,

Marine Drive,

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus,  

Elephanta Caves,

Juhu beach,

haji Ali Dargah,

Shri sidhivinayak temple,

bandra-Worli sea link

film city

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens,

Nandi hills,

National Gallery of Modern Art,

Cubbon Park

Wonderla water park,

Ulsoor late,

UB city mall,

ISKCON temple