Indian Railways vs American Railways | Railway Comparison

Indian Railways vs American Railways | Railway Comparison

In this article, we have compared Indian railways with American railways. For this comparison, we have used factors such as the fastest train, passengers Traffic, ticket cost, luxury trains, metro train system etc. 

2019 Indian Railways American railways
Country India USA
1st Train Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Thane in 1853 New York
Fastest train

Vande Bharat Express (160 km/hour)

Acela Express (135 km/hour)
Train Cleaning Good Best
Track length

67,368 kilometers

(40% railway track electrified)

2,50,000 kilometers

10 railway track electrified)

Busiest railway station  Howrah Railway Station  Grand Central station 
Ticket cost 6 times cheaper than American railways Costly 
Luxury Trains Maharaja express none
No. of employees 15,40,000 employees 2,16,000 employees